Jill offers many tools and resources to assist you in further accessing the inner peace, joy and overall well-being known by the Masters throughout the Ages. Many are gifted. Some are offered for a value exchange, typically offering much more in value than amount charged.

Jill Renee Feeler with John Burgos on Beyond the Ordinary Season 15

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John and I have so much fun together, expanding the light within ourselves and offering that same experience to others. We feel the joy and sacredness of connecting to God from within... personally, not through a Guru model or a false ascension program. Special conversation for all of our upliftment!

An Energy Update, How to get Unstuck and Some Amazing Light with Jill and John Burgos

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Recently I had the pleasure of joining John Burgos, soul brother extraordinaire, on his telesummit, Beyond the Ordinary. With his permission, I am sharing the recording of this very special, deeply expansive conversation. Don't you love it when soulful, authentic enlightenment is effortless?