Events held/shared online. Almost everything Jill shares, she is guided to archive for those who cannot participate for the live event. The information she shares is designed to be beyond the time-space continuum, timeless in the truest sense of the word, and meaningful for You whenever you feel led to experience it.

Premiere Event Feb 21 2021: “Jill’s Show”

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It can be quite challenging to explain readings, psychic abilities, consciousness, mediumship, spirituality to others, especially the very approachable, rational ways that I do my work. So, let's show them, and ourselves, at even deeper levels of self...

JRF Subscriber’s Special Topic: Cravings, Weight Loss, Addictions

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New insights into why we desire what isn't good for us, and how to win the fight.  Whether you are gearing up for your New Year's Resolutions are desiring real answers to why cravings, addictions and weight loss seem so damned mysterious and almost impossible to conquer, this one is for you.

Q&A Conversation with Jill #19

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Topics included how to forgive the Roman Catholic Church, clearing unpleasant/aggressive energy from a home, the team's take on the Corona Virus vaccines (asked by a health care professional), why our team's love Earth so much and what is special to them about this strange reality. And more.

Practitioner’s Group Coaching Session

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Topics include message from Merlin and Metatron, Space for self amidst living with others with health concerns/vulnerabilities related to Covid, Advice for business owners amidst these shifting times, Concern for a family member that is going through a spiritual awakening but refusing their help/expertise, a little song from Jill which you can skip lol, and final topic was strategies for when a parent is creating tension between adult siblings.

Humility in Science JRF Podcast #239

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Scientists could benefit greatly from an increased degree of humility. They are not closer to truth than non-scientists, just as religious leaders are not closer to God. This isn't about God, or religion. This is about truth. Truth is the ultimate intersection between science and religion.

New Template for Growth and Expansion ~ Nov 2020 message

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A fresh perspective on evolution, growth, lessons and expansion ~ based on Source energy curiosity and experimentation and not based solely on pain, suffering and problem solving. Liberating truths, helping one better understand God, themselves, pain/loss and this reality. 

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