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Living Ascended

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When I asked my team what we would provide for this special audience, they said “We want them to know they Are ready, to be their light, at levels that will surprise them. That is why they are on Earth. To be their Light.”

Beyond the Ordinary and Angel Code Activations: yummy!!

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Register for Beyond the Ordinary Here live event is May 24 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern/1am May 25 London

Check out this […]

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Hello Beautiful Beings,
Welcome to the 2016 energies! How are they feeling so far? We have some updates on things going on and ways we can co-create alongside each […]

Dec 2013 Conscious Creation in Action

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Hello Beautiful Beings,

Happy holidays!  The past few months have been drawing many within, deeper to the layers of our Self.  The adjustment can be challenging and yet it is so […]

July 2013 Creating Timelines

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Hello Cosmic Tribe,

Anyone feeling a little more sparkly than normal?  It is amazing how much more stabilized we are in our light-body at this part of the Ascension cycle.  Our […]

February 2013: Expansive Change is Love-Based

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Hello Dear Friends,

Change is underway and it can feel a bit like we are in a blender of chaotic, unsettled frequencies at times.  The energies are so intense that we […]

Ascension/Upliftment Insights and Support

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Offering insights and recommendations for upliftment/ascension processes and expanding one's consciousness into the highest frequencies of love and light available on the planet at this time. Special message.

Dec. 2012 Newsletter Special Message

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Greetings and blessings.

We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray, sharing wisdom and perspectives on the very unique time […]

October 2012: Preparing for the Inner Flooding of Divine Light

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When You are ready, embracing your identity of 100% Light is available, to each and every one of you. It cannot be forced, for Free Will remains. It cannot also not be done on anyone else’s behalf.

August 2012: Being in this World but Not of This World

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Hello Dear Ones,

It is such a pleasure to be connected with you in this Ascension and upliftment process.

Since mid-July many of us have been experiencing inner guidance to face and […]

May 2012: Playing Your Unique Role Amidst this Great Shift

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Hello friends,

My goodness, everything is changing.  Mainly within our own energy fields.  I feel like a new version of myself almost every week.  What used to take several incarnations to […]

December 2011: Starting… Now

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Hello friends,

2011 has almost zoomed into the history books, at lightning speed it seems and we are almost ready to usher in 2012.  Can you feel the build of energy […]

September/October 2011: Outlook and Insights for the year 2012

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Hello friends,

I hope you are well amidst the many shifts and adjustments continuing to take place planetarily, economically, in relationships, etc.  Embracing change and choosing well-being can be a challenging […]

July/August 2011: Dawning of the Golden Age: Utilizing the New Energies

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Hello friends,

I feel a breakthrough being initiated, like another wave of the dawning Golden Age.  I feel like it like another Phase of Awakening, another level of access to the […]

May/June 2011: A New Earth: Realized by Good-ness or God-ness

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Hello Friends!

June is certainly off to a powerful start!  I feel so much momentum and assistance towards a pure, unrestricted and magical expression of my God-self in this journey.  I […]