Being Your Light!

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In Being Your Light, the author spontaneously channels the guidance of some of the most impactful spiritual figures in planetary history. Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, and other great teachers come through in these pages with candor, humor, and penetrating clarity. Readers will feel the living presence of these revered human exemplars, as they communicate in their own words the collective message that we can all realize the power of our Light, the strength of our love, and the gifts of our compassion by understanding that we are, like them, both human and divine.

The Real Truth of God’s Love

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I want you to know God. The Real God, the unconditionally loving, caring, supportive, always present Presence many have known was true. Still, many and even most humans often feel wanting and even disappointed with the modern day interpretations of God and connection to God. Me, too.

An interesting approach for the upcoming US presidential inauguration

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Jill’s Weekly Message from the Team

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Delivering direct connection to Source Creator God with meditation, conversation, and insights that help us personally access the Light within all life. We meet weekly as global members from all walks of life, all backgrounds, honoring the Light of God within and wanting to make sense of this strange reality. It is completely free, my gift to the world.

For this message we create a strategy for thriving amidst the Presidency of Donald J Trump. Please experience the message before commenting… I sense there will be many ways that you surprise yourself. We have become flattened into 3D caricatures of political dogma. But we are more than that. We are expanded in consciousness and vibration. This message invites us back into that expanded state of being.

Do we truly want to use our energy waiting for (hoping for?) the latest misstep by our soon to be US President?
This message is filled with upgrades, without setting aside Your values, Your convictions… We invite you into an upgraded space of offering your blessings to a situation that is less than ideal, for certain, and yes possibly dangerous.
We are so easily invited into 3D… sometimes without even realizing it. This election has turned us into something we are not, possibly not even liking ourselves in some situations. Our comments and posts sometimes sound like we have no expansion whatsoever lol sigh… we are better than this, yes?
I invite you to experience this message, for you, for the leaders across the world, for our ability to like our behavior (even in politics) and for creating a way to shine for the next four years. Because that is what we do.

Live event takes place each Tuesday at 11 am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm London. Replay is available for each message.

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Podcast #82

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Jill’s Weekly Podcasts

Introducing_ Weekly Podcasts A live 30 minute weekly event for sharing the latest in authentic ascension resources. Archives are available for each call. Welcome to this episode! To access this event, please click here to Sign in to your account or if you are not yet Registered click here to Sign up for a free account I look forward to you checking it out! With love and gratitude, Jill