Hello fellow Lightworkers,

I’m led to share insights on “Ascension Flu”, which is what many are calling the physical symptoms and illnesses that seem related to energetic adjustments our physical body is making in response to Earth’s energetic adjustments in our Ascension process.

I had a recent event of it and was prompted to share some tips and techniques with others.

Does everybody succumb to Ascension Flu?  No and even those who do become ill seem to be to varying degrees and lasting varying durations.

Does everyone who gets a version of the Ascension Flu get it at the same time?  No.  For example, there were some lightworkers who got sick in advance of the Summer Solstice 2010, others during and others after.  Energies are received by different beings differently.

Is it a good sign or a bad sign if I do or don’t get the Ascension Flu?  You already know the answer; No.  Getting it is nothing to brag about and nothing to be ashamed of.

To date mine tend to be very short in duration, normally about 12 hours or sometimes even less.  I’m sharing that because I believe you can easily manifest it to take longer if you set your expectation to that effect.  I have no data to support it but it has served me well to expect it to be a day or less as I have yet to be down from the Ascension Flu for longer than a day.  I wonder if I set the expectation that it be less than an hour… I’ll have to try that some time.

How do you know it is Ascension (Energy) related?  I consider the circumstances.  Am I aware of an energetic intensity recently experienced on Earth (solar flares, seasonal solstice events, powerful recent planetary alignments etc.)?  Was I feeling fine and then fairly out of the blue I have a headache, feel weak, feel nauseous, etc.?  Can I rule out any other logical cause (food-related disharmony, cold-like symptoms going around, etc.)  My most recent event the day after the Winter Solstice/Total Lunar Eclipse double whammy was easy to pinpoint.  My illness symptoms were out of the blue, and fairly conveniently timed, actually.

  • The first thing I do, taught by Virginia O’Hara, when I suddenly notice anything physically uncomfortable like an illness or pain is ask (the universe, my Higher Self, the Higher Realms, however you want to look at it), “Is this mine?”  This is extremely important because as our vibration rises, we may become more sensitive and more connected to the physical symptoms and ailments of others.  Others near us, others thinking of us, others we are thinking of, etc.  It is as if our energy bumps into their energy and we may start to feel their physical symptoms.
  • We cannot heal and resolve any ailment or lower energetic frequency that we didn’t create.  Only the being who generated it can heal and resolve it.  So, no sense dragging around what isn’t yours and that you can’t resolve.
  • If you determine it isn’t yours, then my approach is to invoke that the physical sensation leave my energetic fields, sending love, healing and blessings to whomever it belongs to, wishing them well on their journey.
  • I am careful not to word this important question as “Whose is this?”, also taught by Virginia.  It really isn’t relevant, if you’ve taken the above steps, plus you are sending them an extra boost in resolving it, whomever that being may be.
  • If it is yours, then follow whatever healing protocol you choose, for there are an infinite number of ways to heal physical ailments.
  • Mine today was interesting in that I was “told” it wasn’t mine.  However, as I got busy sweeping it out of my energy field, my headache wasn’t budging.  My guides quickly clarified that although it wasn’t mine I had agreed to “take it”.  Taking one for the team, so to speak.  Lucky me! ;-/

Ok, it’s mine to allow and clear so…

  1. My approach is to first, thank the universe, especially in this case since it came after my session was complete.
  2. I ask for white light and comfort to be sent my way.  I am also asking for assistance from my higher dimensional support team (Angels, Guides, Higher Self, and any other higher dimensional beings such as master healers in this case who are willing and able to assist) that the necessary adjustments be as thorough, comfortable and as quickly resolved as possible.
  3. I also check in for any information available about how long this looks like it will take, having an expectation that the answer will be a day or less.
  4. I make adjustments as needed with my responsibilities, allowing me to then take care of myself and make sure others in my care are also being attended to or properly postponed.
  5. I carefully set my thoughts and expectations so they are positive and uplifting about the process, that it will be bearable, that it will be as short as possible and that the outcome will be for my highest good and THE highest good.
  6. I listen to my body throughout the process and ask what it needs, (rest, fresh air, nature encounter, water, food, humor, mini pity party, etc.) while allowing the energetic adjustments to take place, knowing they are for my highest good.
  7. When it is complete and I feel back to full health, I let the experience go, fully accepting new upgrades I may have received physically or energetically from the process.
  8. Finally, I’m careful about how I share what is going on with others.  If another is meant to get their version of the Ascension Flu, they will.  If not, I see no value in spreading my misery possibly planting expectations of others getting it when they are not in that flow (nothing like expecting you will get sick, of any kind, to actually make yourself sick).

If you have another technique or protocol that is effective for you, please share it!

Love and blessings,

Jill Renee

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